Location: London, UK

29 January 2020
I had never got nosebleed for a long time since I was a kid, I guess. It might be becuase of the cold and dry weather in London, I got a nosebleed out of the blue. I felt little excited and thought to myself that the blood stains on tissue papers were beautiful. 


13 May 2020 I was eating a Korean spicy instant noodle in the dining room, my nose suddenly bled when I finished only half of a bowl. It was probably because the noodle was so spicy and speedily heated up my body.

12 August 2020
I went to a gelato shop during a hot day of summer. After the first spoonful of mango sorbet, my nose suddenly bled in an unstoppable manner. It might be because the temperature shift from the hot weather to the coldness of the gelato , so I went inside the gelato shop to cool my nose down. The seller was shocked and gave me a handful of blue tissue paper.