Double Features

2022, 13th February
In collaboration with Bola Olashore (Film Curator)

Paper Tank Collective, London, UK

Double Features presents a paring of two films that are in interesting dialogue with one another, alongside a dinner that is specifically designed to compliment the films. The first screening features Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express and Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train.

Both these films highlight how a location - Hong Kong and Memphis respectively - can be a key character in any story. In both cases, the energy of the respective cities, play a key role in shaping the tone of the films, and as the films progress and we grow more familiar with the characters, we grow more familiar with the cities that birthed their circumstances.

Alongside our two films, we will also be serving a plant-based feast that turns food elements from the films into 7 dishes. The dining session will happen after each film to extend the screening experience to the dining table. The event will end with an open discussion centred on our Double Feature Feast and sharing thoughts towards the whole experience.