Landscape Installation
Bangkok Design Week 2019
Cat Building Pier, Bangkok, Thailand

Organisers: TCDC, Creative Economy Agency, Prime Minister's Office
Team: Patarita Tassanarapan,  Nithirath Chaemchuen, Nicha Chongkriangkrai, Thanatcha Tangsuksawangporn

Bangkokian’s lifestyle has been altered owing to the urbanization which takes them away from natural ambiance. While the world is moving forward, people tend to prefer living inside the concrete cave and refusing to live outside.This project means to change the urbanite’s perception of living out of the building to sense the environment.
Ekanake is a thai word which means to lie down comfortably for relaxation. Triangle cushions and mattresses are the familiar objects used for relaxation in Thai culture for ages. It has become our interest developing these two elements to suit the presence and bring back social interaction to urban society. Each element is made from modern fabric that is durable and practical for dynamic climate in Thailand. The arrangement of mattresses and cushions are flexible for users to adjust whether they come individually or in groups. During he daytime, they can be compatible with surroundings. Whereas in the nighttime, they will be noticeable under the blacklight.