Interactive Potluck

Installation Art (Proposal)
Public Media Art—Emotional Transitions
Public Art Academy Berlin, Goethe-Institute Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

Urban Media Art Academy together with Goethe-Institut Thailand had the open call which invited for urban media artwork ideas and concepts developed for Bangkok under the theme Emotional Transitions. Under the theme, this call invited artworks that may reveal or facilitate ‘emotional transitions’ in the urban context. The theme speaks to concrete situations of transition that are simultaneously moments of time and transformation – of the city and of the human being – from one mood to another or from one state of self to another. The selected artist had attended workshop in November 17-19, 2017 during the Bangkok Design Festival 2017.


According to my thesis research about Klongchan Public Housing in Bangkok, I chose to do the media art here to solve the problem that happens in this community. This community is lack of interaction and has unhealthy relationship which can be a cause of crime, drug abuse, vandalism, etc. The media art may be an activity that glue people together and make friends. So I decided to make a potluck activity more interesting.
The program will collect those posts from the hashtags and grouping people with different kind of food. The interface on the table will show the simulation of attended dishes placing on eating positions.

Tables are divided in groups by lighting colors. Each participants will get notified via messages to mobile phones about their eating area with information of color that matches with the table lighting. But they still have to find their own dish positions by themselves or asking other participants for help.

After matching the dishes, they have to sit there and start dining with their groups. The first part of the activity can contribute to a conversation along the dining period. The projection mapping on table screen is facilitated people interact with each other by encouraging them to sharing their food and being enable to send a comment to any dishes. This will be a playful dining table that helps building relationship among people by contributing online and offline conversations. It leads to the acceptance in cultural diversity among the urban community transition these days.

During the workshop, my idea has been developed. Susa Pop and Tanya Toft gave me many advises to make my proposal be more reasonable and possible. We had many good lectures from various experts that opened up our eyes. Finally we were asked to do the presentation of our proposal into a poster to display in "Free Form Festival". And I ended up with this proposal.

Urban Media Art Academy Bangkok / Ideas and Concepts Workshop / November 17 - 19, 2017 from Public Art Lab on Vimeo.