Monarch Butterfly 2

KG Patarita Tassanarapan


Mood Swing Project

Data Mapping
BLA Chulalongkorn University

This project  is an experiment of data mapping and modeling. The first model was analyzed from personal curiosity about existence. Then that analysis methodology should be adapted to analyze the context of landscape areas.

Mood of Pi From the willing to find out about human existence and make it into a model. Heart rate could be a good indicator to measure. The framework in measurement should be specified by considering a period of watching movie, for example, Life of Pi. Each scenes was measured the experimenter’s heart rate and captured the scenery to generate into images that showed mood and tone. After that, the images was overlaid with heart rate scale and animated sequently.

Mood of Quarry The former analysis methodology is to collect data sequentially and overlay with chromatic data. This experiment had basis from a quarry landscape site. The model was decided to show a cut section by collecting elevation data and images of 10,000 sq.m. areas along the section line. Afterwards, all the data was overlaid in the same method but turned into a different result.

Mood of Public Housing
From the quarry site, it was moved to a public housing area in Klongchan, Bangkok. This site is characteristic in having many accessible routes to the residences inside. So the data was collected by recording video along the way through the street and captured the scenery in every 5 seconds. Those raw images were generated to show the mood of the ambience. Surprisingly, it could also define an open space along the way through when rearranged it in sequence. Finally, it came out as an unexpected result as a continuity of space on the site.