Resonance of Lives at 1527

Installation Art
Space Experiment Projects: The Shophouse 1527
The Shophouse 1527, Samyan, Bangkok, Thailand

Collaborators: Cloud-floor, IF (Integrated Field), soi | ซอย, DON BOY

The creation of resonant spaces within urban environments raises questions concerning what causes sounds, and the collection of communal stories that illustrate shifting lives. Through the experiences of the shophouse no. 1527 in Samyan community, Resonance of Lives at 1527 investigates the audibility and visibility within the intertwined relationships among the architectural structure, its previous residents, and the ever-changing landscape of the community.

Initiated by Cloud-floor with sponsorship from IF (Integrated Field), the Shophouse 1527 is a space experiment project that stems from the desire to transform a residential architecture into an intermediate domain where inquiries concerning urban development are brought into dialogue. Spanning over a period of 24 months, the Shophouse 1527 is thus a temporary space for urban dwellers in Samyan community. In collaboration with soi | ซอย and DON BOY, Resonance of Lives at 1527 is an inaugural exhibition that explores the eyewitness and earwitness accounts of both personal and communal stories, and soundscape as the interface between people and their living environment.

Since resonance is deeply related to the spatial aspect—the architecture and the body—Resonance of Lives at 1527 thus delves into the audible and visible, and primarily constitutes two parts: 1) The anatomy of The Shophouse 1527: the architectural structure of the building, its tempo, its pulse, and its trace. The sound of demolition resonates through the space, the body, beyond the bodies. 2) The stories of the neighborhood: shared stories of Samyan community and fleeting memories that creates a trail of communal lives.