Photography, Video Art
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

AA Visiting School Bangkok 2018
Theme: Curatistry of Trees in Bangkok

Torchlight captures the wounds
Left by fungus or disease,
Various benign and malignant vandalisms,
Feedback from the soil underworld.
The forensic light on the bark’s evidence,
Of injuries inflicted,
Living red sap leaking.
A landscape of wounds wanting suture.
Yet imperceptible to this passing light
These monuments are sealing, growing ...

Sometimes trees need to be cut their branches.
Sometimes trees have to peel their barks.
Sometimes trees are infected with fungus or disease.
Sometimes trees are vandalized by unknown humans.

Like all these trees standing monumental alongside of the road,
The evidences on their trunks show how many conditions they have been through.
The wounds reveal their inside living woods with red sap leaking.
They still keep growing and sealing themselves from decay.