Year-Crossing Ceremony

2021, 31st December

Home, London, UK

Toshikoshi Soba (year-crossing noodle) is a Japanese tradition of eating soba on the 31st December which symbolises long life and wishes for good luck. Unfortunately I could only find somen instead of soba, but it’s still tasty with lemon tsuyu and playful with ranges of garnishes.

List of Garnishes:
1. Toasted White Sesames
2. Grated Ginger
3. Chopped Spring Onions
4. Julienned Lemon and Bengali Lime Zeat
5. Sliced Cucumber
6. Sliced Tomatoes
7. Crispy Seaweed
8. Soy Braised Shiitake
9. Soy Braised Wakame